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"Probate" or "Administration" refers to a court Order that gives a person the legal authority to take charge of the assets of the estate of a deceased person for the purpose of transferring the assets to the beneficiaries who are entitled to receive them.

It is good to avoid the expense of applying for probate, but probate is necessary where the estate includes any real estate or mineral rights that is not held in joint names with a living person. Probate is often but not always necessary where the estate includes any investments that are in the sole name of the deceased.

Even if most assets are held jointly I can be of assistance to accomplish getting the house registered in the survivor's sole name, and in dealing with banks or other holders of investments to accomplish the transfer of assets to the survivor upon the survivor giving an indemnity.

Please do not hesitate to call me for a brief consultation about whether or not probate will be necessary, and as to what other steps may be sufficient to transfer to the beneficiaries the assets of the deceased. I will be eager to assist in accomplishing what needs to be accomplished and I will give you an estimate of the expected cost of my assistance. I will usually quote a fee of $3,000 for obtaining probate or "administration."